One of the most fast-growing businesses in the market today is all about cars. Research shows that the percentage of people purchasing whether new-released or vintage type of cars increase from time to time. On the other hand, maintaining the car`s function and sustainability are vested upon the owner’s hand. Owners should always remember that nothing lasts longer when it is not properly maintained and taken care of. However, there are instances that your car will face trouble and problems like dead batteries or discharged even at the comfort of your home. What makes it work is when you find out that your garage door does not also work, leaving your car locked and far from getting the help it needs. This will surely give you discomfort, stress and difficulties in finding the best company that will jumpstart your car.  For these reasons, the New England overhead door can help you avoid the problem in the future.  


Dead batteries or discharge is a common problem that your car will experience if you disregard regular inspections. One way to fix this kind of problem is through boosting or jumpstarting. Do you have any idea how this solution works? How about the ways to jumpstart your car? If none, then these ideas from our company will surely help you! These are the ways on how to jumpstart your car: 

The primary way to jumpstart your car is to find another car that will help you in boosting yours. You should bear in mind that you can’t do the task alone without the help of professionals and experts on this field of work. After finding another car that will help you, follow the steps below:  

The first step involves the presence of jumper cables; you should always see to it that you have jumper cables in your compartment in case you will experience dead batteries along the way. You will not risk any chances of finding a Good Samaritan that will lend you some jumper cables in the darkest night or in a broad daylight.  

The second step is to set both vehicles in neutral mode and turn off the ignition. Do not forget to deal with the brakes.   

The third step is to put the clips that are red in color to the terminal with a positive sign in your battery. Mostly, you can identify a positive terminal with the sign + or POS, it is also larger than the opposite terminal.  

The fourth step is to deal with the clips that are black in color. Attach one of the black clips to the other battery in the negative sign but do not do the same with the other black clip. Find a metal that is unpainted and a little bit far from your battery and attach the other black clip.  

The fifth step and the last step is to start the engine of the working car and let it run for five minutes or more. After doing so, you can start your car`s engine and see the result. 

Jump starting all by yourself is indeed difficult, but you can hire our team to make it easier for you. Aside from that you will save your time and you will keep yourself away from danger.