In this year, the coronavirus has created a noise that showcases that everyone is not ready for a pandemic. Also, up until now, it is still the number one concern of both great country leaders and normal citizens all around the globe. No matter where you go, you will notice that everyone’s concern is to remain disinfected to avoid having the virus, and at the same time to avoid the illness from spreading if they have it. If you are looking for a house cleaning service, you can hire the house cleaning Newton.  


It has been shown that the virus is transmitted generally when the infected person produces respiratory droplets that can reach other people within sex feet. There are guidelines that are published to prevent the spread pf the virus which is provided by the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but here are the things you can effectively do to avoid indirect contact with the virus by means of cleaning your house and its surfaces: 

1.Always wash your hands and avoid certain parts of your face -it’s the hands that we always use wherever we go and whatever we do, and this only means that they are a high-touch. The CDC recommends washing your hands with water and soap vigorously for at least 20 seconds. You are also recommended to use a hand sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol. In addition to this, it is not advised that you always touch certain parts of your face like your mouth, eyes, and nose. Certain entry points can serve as the ways for the virus to enter your body. This is also the very reason why you always wash your hands.  

2.Disinfect right away – when we go outside to buy grocery items, people sometimes wait for a few minutes to disinfect out of laziness, to the extent that they forget to disinfect themselves anymore. This is dangerous because they oftentimes touch certain surfaces while being not disinfected. Also, you need to make any surfaces of your house wet because of the disinfectant almost every time. This is what we call always being disinfected.  

3.Disinfect your surfaces all the time – there are certain surfaces that you need to disinfect oftentimes and these include door handles, light switch, cellphones, and other high-touch areas and surfaces. The virus lasts different times on different surfaces and areas. You can also use bleach mixed with water to disinfect your surfaces; this is according to CDC. There are a lot of disinfectants you can use but you can also use some ingredients in your kitchen like vinegar if you are not fond of chemicals.  

4.Stay at home – this is something that most people do not understand. One of the most effective ways to avoid getting the virus is to stay at home and only go outside when it is necessary. Also, when going outside, make sure that you are equipped with a mask and hand sanitizer.  


It is easy to avoid the virus when you just follow the guidelines provided by both international and local departments and organizations. So always follow the guidelines and be safe.