SAVE MONEY How to Buy Gold Bars at HALF PRICE: Ultimate Guide for 2021

Would you like to learn how to buy gold below the spot price? We are aware that gold is a raw material that can fluctuate a lot on a daily basis. In fact, I’ve even seen it drop as low as $ 40 in one day, which has been a huge headache for many investors.
If you buy gold coins or bullion from licensed dealers, you will need to buy
slightly above the spot price (currently the value is $ 1,192.42 per ounce of gold). However, when you sell it, you usually have to sell it below the spot price.
Investors who put their money in gold are spending a bit more in the hope that overtime will eventually increase so they can make a profit on the sale.

You can literally Double Your Money Buying Gold At Half Price when you buy directly from a gold mine.